Monday, June 27, 2011

Want a Treat? Follow the Tweets.

It's Monday, so I'll be checking my Twitter feed to see where the dainty food truck will be. If you work in, live in or visit West Palm Beach, Monday through Friday you must try the Curbside Gourmet food truck. Founded in 2011, it's the first gourmet food truck in Palm Beach County.

Trust me, the food is not the average street food of hot dogs, hamburgers or chicken on a stick. You can expect gourmet fair like caramelized grapefruit, mint pea soup, blueberry iced tea and crab cake sliders. And, the prices are reasonable. I’ve paid the same price, if not more, for lunch at chain eateries. They also have daily specials, which are announced on Twitter along with the truck's location.

Grouper tacos
You can actually taste the flavor of the seasonal, local ingredients used. The cilantro in the grouper tacos sings! The grouper tacos are actually a fave for many. I remember the day I purchased the last batch. The news traveled down the line, and a woman even scolded me. It was all in jest. Everyone waiting on line is in a good mood because we know we’re about to please our palettes. The food is fresh and made to order. The staff is really friendly, and the experience is definitely a nice addition to the work week. The Curbside Gourmet serves breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks.!/curbsidegourmet

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