Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Fashionable Law

The other day I walked behind a young man who wore white boxers and ceremoniously lifted up his pants with each step. Did I want to know the color of his boxers? No. Did I wish I had a belt I could give him? Yes.

Every now and then, fashion fads raise eyebrows and make one scratch one’s head. During my youth there was the Gumby haircut, Hammer pants, bamboo door knocker earrings, shoulder pads and biker shorts. Now, it's "droopy drawers." Though, here in the state of Florida, young men need to purchase pants that fit, or hefty belts as the Florida Legislature passed the SB 228 bill in May, which requires school boards to modify their code of conduct to forbid the wearing of clothing that exposes one's underwear. Repercussions range from a verbal warning and parental notice to in-school suspension. The bill was sent to Governor Scott's desk for a signature.

I don't particularly like seeing saggy pants. I think it looks sloppy and not fashionable at all. Yet, I hope that will not be the only focus of SB 228. It should not only target young men, but focus on young women, too. I've seen many school age girls who wear low-rider jeans, and tops which expose their undergarments. To keep it fair, you can't call it the "droopy draws bill" as it singles out only young men.

But, can teen fashion really be regulated by a bill? Or, does it ultimately come down to parental control? I guess we'll see. I just wish the quality of education for students would also be a focus in Florida legislature.

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