Monday, January 6, 2014

New Opportunities, New Lessons

Where Have I Been?

My last post on Often Write was in October. But for good reason! For the past few months, I've been able to expand my blogging pursuits with a blog on The Huffington Post.
Here's a link to posts I have written, so far:
You'll also be able to find my future posts there. I'm enjoying the opportunity, and looking forward to continued blogging on the website.
I will continue to post on Often Write as well.

A Lesson for the New Year

I was given an Amaryllis Apple Blossom as a Christmas gift. The flower was only a bulb when I received it. It was wonderful seeing it reach full bloom over the holidays. I must admit, the plant suffered a severe fall in my apartment a few days after I received it. (It was totally not my fault, though.) However, despite the fall, and after some TLC, to my amazement, the plant still grew, beautifully. It wasn't as fragile as I thought. To me that represents in life even with the bumps and bruises that come along you can still reach your maximum potential. It is possible.

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