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Thanks to a meet up orchestrated by South Florida Social Geeks: Geeks with Social Skills, promoted on Twitter, (I'm chic, but there's also my geek side ) I was able to attend an complementary advance screening of Marvel Studios' "Thor" April 30 at the Regal Royal Palm Stadium 18, 1003 N. State Road 7, Royal Palm Beach, Fla.     "Thor" directed by Kenneth Branagh, also director of "Hamlet" and "Henry V," is based on the comic book character, "The Mighty Thor" published by Marvel Comics. I must admit, Thor is not one of the Marvel superheroes I followed as a kid. Spider-Man is my fave, perhaps because of the journalism aspect.

I actually first became acquainted with Thor through the 1987 film, "Adventures in Babysitting." As a kid myself, I identified with 8-year-old, Sarah (Maia Brewton), who was infatuated with Thor, wearing a plastic replica of his helmet. Sarah eventually gives the helmet to a mechanic, Dawson (Vincent D'Onofrio) who she believes is the superhero. So, when I saw the nod to the "Thor" movie after the ending credits of "Iron Man 2," I looked forward to seeing it.

The film depicts a soon-to-be hero's humbling journey to a destiny of greatness, amidst a battle to save the Asgard realm from Jotunheim's Frost Giants and their leader Laufey; and also a battle of sibling rivalry. Odin, Thor's father played by Anthony Hopkins, is the wise king of Asgard who seeks peace between the two kingdoms. He also wishes, for his eldest son, Thor, to be worthy of wielding his hammer, even if it means sending him to Earth. Hopkins secured the drama element of the film gracefully.

Chris Hemsworth's portrayal of Thor combines comedy and drama. Especially humorous is the pre-humble Thor, and his first exploits among mortals in New Mexico. Natalie Portman shows her comedic side as the quirky scientist, Jane Foster of New Mexico. Jane is dedicated to her research, wants to be taken seriously, and is dangerous behind the wheel. The site of Thor's physique, and a chivalrous kiss by him on her hand, has her quickly falling for him and assisting him in his pursuits. Tom Hiddleston's portrayal of Thor's brother, an awkward, sneaky and snark Loki, is also very good and compelling. And, Idris Elba gave a strong performance as the gatekeeper between worlds.

As I finished watching the film, I thought, 'Would staunch Thor fans like this film?' I'd say, yes. Between Thor's time mingling with mortals on Earth, finding himself, falling in love, hammer throwing, supernatural fight sequences, a strong cast and good special effects, I found "Thor" entertaining. Also, what Hemsworth manages to do through the character's development is make you like superhero Thor, and be willing to follow him to the next adventure. The film opens May 6.

Isaiah Mustafa will host's live-streaming U.S. red carpet movie premiere of "Thor" May 2 at 8:30 p.m. It's a first for the website. Click here for more info:

Lessons I Learned from "Thor":
  • Don't sass your elders
  • Always be kind to the gatekeeper
  • Back up all your computer data to a USB flash drive, especially if you're doing research
  • Sometimes it pays to stay until after the closing credits

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